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The Story of Real Mute

I have been playing trumpet for many years and as a trumpet player, I had to practice a couple of hours every day. Happily, I am not alone in the house and there are some limitations, on when and where to play. If that is not enough, I found out that my neighbors have a strange habit to sleep at night, so, to keep sleeping, I had to use a mute. well, a mute is a good idea for daytime, but it is not enough for playing at 2 AM, since it's designed for sound effects and not for sound attenuation. So I had to get a practice mute and when I started to practice with it, I found a few problems, they were hard to blow because of the Backpressure, the resistance to airflow, the distortion of the sound, and the intonation change, the bad impact of the backpressure on articulation. That is simply because the more you want to attenuate the volume the less airflow, and while you attach the mute to the bell the resonance frequency of the trumpet changes and cause intonation problem and some of the notes don't sound well. I decided to go for the best: I bought an electronic silent mute that cost me about 200$. after a few hours of playing, the backpressure resistance to airflow was hard and I got tired since I like to move around while I am playing and the wires kept tangling with the furniture around me, the sound did not sound like a trumpet, the intonation changed. Sadly I had to abandon the new 200$ mute.

Our Mission

That is the moment I started to think, that there must be a solution to all these problems. A good sound level attenuation, minimal backpressure resistance to airflow, original good intonation is kept. I used all my skills and knowledge in electronics, computers, and mechanical engineering and started to study and research how the brass wind instruments work and what are the causes of all the problems. After a few years of studying and experimenting, the prototype of the Real Mute silencer and practice mute was ready for testing. after success It took almost a year to develop the Real Mute operational model with a reliable and simple to develop the auto-sizing coupling mechanism and a nice unique design for a production model so  and finally apply for a patent.


Never give up your dreams, they will become true if you live them...

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