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I have been playing trumpet for about 40 years.
The Real Mute is by far the best practice mute I have ever used after searching for many years. It is easy to attach and blows almost the same as without it, not like those other mutes that you feel like you are blowing into something hard.
The slight pressure difference is easy to overcome. The center of mass of the trumpet moves due to the extra weight, but it is very tolerable. You can hear yourself play very well, but it makes a very little sound for those around you. Surprisingly, I recorded myself with and without the mute and I could not hear a noticeable change in intonation. I will definitely continue to use it at all hours of the day and night.  What an incredible piece of practical engineering!

-- Zach S.

I am very happy with your mute. Way better than Silent Brass!

-- Martin Dreier

The mute is very effective.

-- Joe Harrison

Great idea on the mute. I love the design and the softness on volume you get. Great warmup mute for me if I am in hotel room for sure.

-- Carlos Centeno

The real mute is very good. Free blowing, good intonation. I use it oftenly.

-- Avishay Ben-Hur

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